W:. Tony C. Griffith


W:. Scott A. MacDonald


W:. Jim L. Parham


W:. Bob Mcleod

​Junior Steward

W:. Richard Lamer


James W. Durbin

Senior Warden

W:. Floyd L. Hudson


echota west

Senior Steward

W:. Michael D. Maxey

Worshipful Master

Appointed Officers

Keith Dunn

Senior Deacon

Elected Officers

Spencer E. adams

Junior Deacon

​​​Broken Arrow Masonic Lodge #243 AF&AM

​117 W. Commercial St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

​918.251.9282    brokenarrowmasons@gmail.com

steven w. shaw

Junior Warden

Our Lodge

Broken Arrow Lodge #243 AF&AM is organized under a Charter granted by the Grand Lodge of the State of Oklahoma.  The Lodge was originally organized under the Grand Lodge of the Indian Territory.  On December 25, 1903, the lodge met Under Dispensation.  On August 10, 1904 it was chartered under the Grand Lodge of Indian Territory and was designated Lodge #141.  Roscoe S. Plumlee was the first Worshipful Master.  In 1907, when the State of Oklahoma was formed, the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma and the Grand Lodge of the Indian Territory merged and the Broken Arrow Lodge number was changed to #243.  

Historically, many of the earliest lodges in Oklahoma were formed by Native Americans.  Broken Arrow Lodge is proud of the involvement of the Native American tribes in Freemasonry and has many members who are of Native American decent.  

The Broken Arrow lodge has been located on the same square block in downtown Broken Arrow since its inception. It currently owns the building at 117 W. Commercial St. Broken Arrow, OK located in the Historical Rose District.   A short lodge history is shown here, Digitized Oklahoma Grand Lodge Proceedings from as early as 1874 can be found here in the Archives of the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

The Lodge is governed by a slate of officers, some elected and some appointed.  Those officers are shown below.

Other Masonic organizations

Two other masonic organizations are an important part of the Broken Arrow Lodge:

Eastern Star - an adult organization for both men and women.

Rainbow Girls - an organization for young ladies.

Vitruvian Lodge #557 also meets in our building on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please check the calendar on the home page for dates and times for the meetings for these organizations.  You can also obtain more information on these organizations by calling the Lodge Secretary at 918.251.9282.

Additionally, there are other Masonic organizations that you may wish to join after becoming a Master Mason.  Click here for a list of these organizations.